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Motoniveladora New Holland RG200B (4)

20/04/2013 by admin

Motoniveladora New Holland RG200B (4)

Escarificando E Laminando.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Motoniveladora CAT 12M Talud.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 comments on “Motoniveladora New Holland RG200B (4)

  1. dieseldog69xx on said:

    See now you are thinking in the right direction ;-)

  2. VHMillsy on said:

    Bragging about how good you are on youtube isn’t usually a good idea. Though I will agree with you that one cent +- is very possible with a 450 and a big bucket. It’s also possible with 750-800 sized machines as well.

  3. dieseldog69xx on said:

    Sounds like you’re not as good as me, just remember this much, bulk is easy, trimming is mans work, I take it you would be a disbeliever if I told you of motorway formation on type one granite with a Komatsu PC210 long reach, 14m reach on that, but then again you best stick to bulking with a 670, sounds about all you believe anyone else can do, Oh and happy new year by the way.

  4. dieseldog69xx on said:

    Yep it was a mass ex stick and boom, was a whoore of a thing for bulk work but for the formation I loved making the 20T operators look silly having a go on it thinking they were better, dream on…..

    670s should have way bigger than 5yds!!!! 6 at least, or have you got greedy boards on there too?

  5. evadvalcourt on said:

    oh and you must have a really short stick on that 450 to fit a 5 yard bucket… i have that on my 670 right now..

  6. evadvalcourt on said:

    yeah… i’ill believe it when i see it 1 cen tolerance with a 450 with a 5 yard bucket !? …

  7. dieseldog69xx on said:

    I spent more than 20,000 hours driving plant and machinery, diggers, dozers, scrapers, loading shovels and I moved a few million cube around europe, yeah excavators are easy to use, I used to cut formation with a Komatsu PC450 with a 5CU muck bucket on it, oh and formation is +/- 10mm, oh how I miss those days.

  8. evadvalcourt on said:

    excavators too easy to use ??… yeah right

  9. dieseldog69xx on said:

    I miss having old school machines like scrapers and tractors and boxes and skilled grader drivers on jobs, its all excavators and dump trucks, too easy to use and often illogical for some tasks that other machines could do easier and cheaper too!!!

  10. Aphumanke Lopez on said:

    cuantos bujes de alojamiento de traba del desplazador del circulo posee la 12M? yo opero la 16M y tiene 5 y la 24M y no posee. buen video colega.

  11. redheadedduckhunter on said:

    Very nicely done.

  12. redheadedduckhunter on said:

    Cutting a bank.

  13. Wellingtom Rocha on said:

    é uma bela maquina meu pai trabalhou na caterpillar montando vários de seus modelos mas infelizmente foi mudado de seção.

  14. Roger Nadeau on said:


  15. 33sixpack on said:

    Nice work. Thats how you cut a bank.most operators around dont even know that a grader does that.

  16. Douglas Ferreira Messias on said:


  17. Maadi maadiq on said:

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  18. LordEthan2 on said:

    Oh i see.. nice

  19. LordEthan2 on said:

    wtf is he doing

  20. Diogo Mayer. on said:


  21. USFBULLIT on said:

    Love this machine!

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